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Deploying an RPG Maker MV game to Android can be tricky. There is no need to feel helpless though, because this wikiHow can help.

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And, at this point, it’s time for new default tilesets. There’s just no world where that makes any kind of economic sense. It hasn’t been heavily patched like MV or the even earlier VX Ace, and some people prefer the older versions’ tilesets and aesthetics. Also, some plugins you may be really interested in using that aren’t ported yet may never come. Free plugins are a labor of love, and even paid ones are subject to developer time and labor constraints, and market demand. It’s a cool feeling, and it sets you up for basically everything you need to make your first real game.

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3.) Your .exe will contain the installation for your game, it holds all the data. You just need to upload this to whichever site you want to host from and make it accessible. If anything the file should be like 300+ mb with the RTP stuff. Try uploading the compressed .exe to Dropbox, if you can do that and send a link I can check it out again.

And that’s kind of the multiplayer online games bummer with RPG Maker MZ as a standalone product. The old visual effects menu has been stripped out to make way for the standalone Effekseer—more powerful, but also much more fussy and obtuse.

While previous RPG Makers were limited to Mac and Windows executables, now you can port your game to HTML, and even mobile (this takes some doin’ though) in addition. But the bigger and less specialized the software and engine, the more complicated. And few of those will just give you a collection of assets that work together and the software more or less perfectly . IDK how can you have problems with compressing the game data. I am new to RPG Maker, but doing this was so easy to me day one.

  • You float in ghostly fashion through its various scenes, hurling your limited cache of metal balls at glass objects minding their own business, or huge panes of glass that rather unwisely block your path.
  • The relatively complex controls are, naturally, a problem on iPhone, and can frustrate in the heat of a battle.
  • Shadowgun Legends is a first-person shooter with swagger, which depicts you as a show-off gun for hire, partaking in a probably prescient mix of wiping out evil aliens and reality TV.
  • Darkside Lite is a visually stunning twin-stick shooter that has you protecting outer-space mining colonies under attack from aliens who’d rather humans weren’t messing up the place.
  • It has a sense of humor – and a sense of style that isn’t dull military fare.

And you can get pretty fancy with this all from the menu full of predefined events. But at least MZ has a side panel to help you keep track of them—you’ll make a lot. Basically everything is an Event in RPG Maker, from doors and chests to quest chains and NPCs with one weird line of dialogue. And for things like doors and shops and treasure chests, there are some quick-events you can drop in place with a simple right-click. It really speeds things up, because drilling through the whole event menu can get exhausting, especially if you’re just learning. Especially when you’re not sure where the event you need is. So, yeah…The event panel does make things a lot nicer if you get silly with events .

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The nice thing about the tutorial is it happens within the software itself. You start with making a project, adding to it progressively as you work through the tutorials. At the end, you will have a fully-functional, if slim and short, JRPG. Stringing events together with toggleable switches is largely how you build out your game. Switches change the game state in response to events. Eventually you’ll get into a rhythm of how this all works.

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