However, all of the top candidates were able to increase their profile during the election campaign

However, all of the top candidates were able to increase their profile during the election campaign

The SPD top candidate Katarina Barley achieved the highest level of awareness. But a slim majority of 51 percent cannot do anything with their name either.

Only one in three (36 percent) is familiar with Manfred Weber, who runs as the top candidate for both the CDU and CSU in Germany and Europe-wide for the EVP family of parties. He wants to become President of the EU Commission. Weber is still behind the AfD top candidate and party leader Jörg Meuthen with 39 percent. 30 percent know FDP general secretary Nicola Beer, who will run as number one in the Liberal election on Sunday.

Behind them are the top candidates of the Greens, Ska Keller (16 percent) and Sven Giegold (7 percent), as well as those of the left, Özlem Alev Demirel (17 percent) and Martin Schirdewan (5 percent). Schirdewan shares last place with Udo Bullmann, the second top candidate of the SPD, who also only has 5 percent. Even the voters of their own parties are quite unknown. Only 6 percent of the names say something.

However, all of the top candidates were able to increase their profile during the election campaign. YouGov had already asked the same question in a poll a month ago – at the beginning of the election campaign. Since then, Barley and Weber have gained 10 percentage points and Keller 9. Awareness has increased significantly less with the others, with Giegold, Schirdewan and Bullmann even by only one percentage point.

Weber and Keller are the only German top candidates who have also led their European party families in the election campaign. The Dutchman Frans Timmermans, who, according to the YouGov survey, only knows one in four (26 percent), is running for the Social Democrats. The Danish competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager only got 12 percent. Like Weber, both are given opportunities to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker at the head of the EU Commission. Violeta Tomic from the European Left only knew 2 percent of those questioned and the right-wing conservative Czech Jan Zahradil only 3 percent.

If the EU Parliament has its way, one of the top candidates should become Commission President after the election. But there is resistance to this principle among the heads of state and government, above all from French President Emmanuel Macron.

Brussels (dpa) – After the European elections, the struggle for the new leadership of the European Union has begun. Before a special EU summit, EPP top candidate Manfred Weber (CSU), head of the largest group in the EU Parliament, invited Greens, Social Democrats and Liberals to talk about top EU jobs.
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For his part, French President Emmanuel Macron explored the situation with Chancellor Angela Merkel and other EU colleagues. Because Macron insists on the right to choose the EU heads of state and government.

The first question is: who will be President of the European Commission? Put simply, this is a kind of head of government of the EU from Brussels who initiates important laws and monitors compliance with EU That is why the office is given so much importance. The special summit on Tuesday could hit the first pegs. But decisions will probably not be made until the end of June.

Weber and his European People’s Party (EPP) were once again the strongest force in the election and therefore lay claim to the post. But the EPP suffered almost as heavy losses as the social democratic party family S + D – among other things because of the poor performance of the CDU and the debacle of the SPD in Germany. Right-wing populists and nationalists gained seats. For the first time, Christian and Social Democrats no longer have a joint majority in the EU Parliament.

Liberals and Greens, who – like the shrunken left – offer themselves as possible partners, recorded strong growth. The Greens immediately made substantive demands, above all a clear program for more climate protection and a more social Europe. Green top candidate Sven Giegold made it clear on Bayerischer Rundfunk that Weber has not yet been determined as the future head of the commission.

The social democrat Frans Timmermans and the liberal Margrethe Vestager also make claims. French President Macron, however, wants the heads of state and government in the European Council to have a free hand in the selection process. On Sunday evening he exchanged ideas with Merkel and arranged talks with the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and other colleagues before the special summit in Brussels.

According to preliminary results on Monday, the EPP will be able to occupy 180 of the 751 seats, 36 fewer than before. The Social Democrats have 145 seats, which corresponds to a decrease of 40 seats. The Liberals have 109 seats if the seats for Macron’s party are counted (plus 40). Behind are the Greens with 69 seats (plus 17). The Left has lost 13 seats and has 39. The three right-wing populist and nationalist parliamentary groups together have 171 seats, 16 more than before. The successes of the EU-critical parties in individual countries are different. An overview:


Despite losses, the CDU and CSU remained the strongest force with 28.9 percent while the Social Democrats experienced a debacle with 15.8 percent. The Greens gained 20.5 percent – almost ten points more than in the European elections five years ago. The AfD came to 11.0 percent. They were thus above the 7.1 percent of 2014, but below the result of the 2017 federal election. The Left is 5.5 percent (2014: 7.4 percent), the FDP 5.4 percent (2014: 3.4 percent) Percent).


Matteo Salvini’s right-wing League drove a record result with more than 34 percent of the vote. In contrast, the populist five-star movement with which the Lega rules in Rome fell to 17 percent. The PD Social Democrats surprisingly became the second strongest force with almost 23 percent.


In France, right-wing populist Marine Le Pen and her Rassemblement National party narrowly beat Macron’s LREM party. Le Pen was, however, with 23.3 percent behind their 2014 European election results. At that time, they won 24.9 percent of the vote. The Macron party ran for the first time in the European elections and came up with 22.4 percent.


According to preliminary figures, Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party became the strongest party in Great Britain and received around 33 percent of the vote. The pro-European Liberal Democrats turned out to be the second strongest force with almost 20 percent. Labor landed in third place with around 14 percent, the Greens with more than 12 percent. The ruling conservatives received only about nine percent.


In Poland the national conservative ruling party Law and Justice PiS won by Jaroslaw Kaczynski. According to the official result, the PiS received 45.4 percent of the vote. The pro-European party alliance European Coalition received 38.5 percent of the vote.


The right-wing national Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban received 52 percent of the vote in Hungary (2014: 51 percent). In second place came the left-wing democratic coalition of the former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany with 16 percent.

Detroit (dpa) – How many people must have recharged their batteries in these bars: steeply starting wind instruments, plus a cheerfully distorted guitar riff and then an Aretha Franklin, who blares into the microphone with all her soul: “” What you want / Baby, I got it / What you need / Do you know I got it / All I’m askin ‘/ Is for a little respect “”. What else should you answer?

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The force with which Franklin let her gospel-laden vocals go down in studios and on stages could shock. Black civil rights activists, oppressed women, opponents of the Vietnam War – the social movements of the 1960s and 1970s in the USA recognized the effect of Franklin’s powerful singing and appropriated it for themselves. “” Lady Soul “” provided the soundtrack of their time.

Aretha Franklin died on Thursday at the age of 76 of pancreatic cancer. The Recording Academy, which awards the Grammys music awards, recognized her as an “” incomparable artist “” with one of the “” deepest voices “” in the music industry.

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“” If I can still see that … “”

Franklin slumped one Grammy after the other while gaining followers with titles like “” Respect “”, “” Chain Of Fools “” and “” I Say a Little Prayer “” (18 Grammys total, 17 of them) she won for her performances). These titles have long since developed a life of their own and belong in playlists at protest marches, advertising agencies, karaoke bars and best-of evenings. Very few people were interested in the fact that Franklin often did not write these hits himself, but simply sang them in an incredibly moving manner.

So it was with the ballad “” (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman “” by songwriter Carole King. Franklin even made then-US President Barack Obama cry with the title at the Kennedy Center at Christmas 2015. In 2009 she sang more than a million people when he was inaugurated. Carole King was also completely stunned when the diva in the fur coat took a seat on the wing of the Kennedy Center in Washington. Franklin’s haunting piano playing was often underestimated or barely noticed because of her voluminous voice.

When Franklin sang Otis Reddings “” Respect “” in 1967, she not only sat first on the RB charts for eight weeks, but also at the top of the black civil rights movement. For many, Franklin became a symbol of a politically turbulent decade and a black, self-confident America. “” That girl stole that song from me, “said Redding in a 2001 TV report on” Respect “”. However, he earned a lot of money from the single’s sales of millions.

Franklin was born in Memphis in the southern state of Tennessee and grew up in the automobile metropolis Detroit in Michigan. She sang in their father’s church in the 1950s with her sisters Carolyn and Erma, who both had careers as musicians. The pastor himself was a successful gospel singer – but the fame of his daughter with the chubby cheeks should outshine his own.

Aretha Franklin recorded her first gospel record at the age of 14. The label Motown soon showed interest, which would later sign Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and the Jackson Five with young star Michael Jackson. But Motown was a small startup at the time, and father and daughter were hoping for a bigger leap forward from Columbia, a global label based in New York. In New York, Franklin got used to performing in jazz clubs, including the then elite Village Vanguard.

But it was only the change to the Atlantic label that really tickled the soul out of the African American woman. At Columbia she had only had minor successes and tried somewhat aimlessly to venture into the world of pop as an all-round entertainer. At Atlantic, producer Jerry Wexler succeeded in conjuring up exactly the mixture with their first single “” I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) “” that should inspire Franklin fans internationally for decades: a passionate, bright voice darker, soulful RB arrangements with background singers.

This high phase sticks out most of Franklin’s time. She appeared in support of the black Baptist preacher Martin Luther King, a friend of the family, and has become an indispensable part of soul. Titles like “” Spanish Harlem “”, “” Bridge Over Troubled Water “” and “” Day Dreaming “” are also remembered. In the mid-1970s the soul genre lost some of its steam, and Franklin turned around.

The later years of Franklin’s career were graced by highlights such as the duet with George Michael, but also seemed a bit erratic. Franklin returned to gospel, sang pieces by the Beatles, by Simon Garfunkel and Sam Cooke, recorded music for film soundtracks and produced a Christmas album. At times it seemed as if she had lost her musical home with the slowly fading soul.

Perhaps by necessity, the diva became something of a meta-diva when she sang the hits of Gladys Knight and Barbra Streisand on a 2014 album, but also of British pop singers Adele and Prince. The “” Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “”, which she was the first woman ever to admit in 1987, found the right words: Franklin “” took on many roles – the pious gospel singer, the sensual RB siren, the pop crossover Phenomenon, Lady Soul – and ruled them all. “” Former US President Bill Clinton said: “” She has touched our souls for more than 50 years. “”

Berlin (dpa) – Aretha Franklin had wanted her as an actress while she was still alive, a new trailer for the film “Respect” now shows actress Jennifer Hudson in the role of the legendary soul singer.

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There the 38-year-old sings the eponymous hit by Aretha Franklin from 1967. Additional scenes from the biopic can be seen, which will follow Franklin’s beginnings as a child in the church choir up to the Grammy-winning superstar and which will be released in theaters in December 2020 .

The “” Queen of Soul “” Aretha Franklin died of pancreatic cancer in August 2018 at the age of 76. In addition to Oscar winner Hudson, Forest Whitaker and singer Mary J. Blige also play.